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Fitness Classes

Fitness management software

B-FIT classes are fun, unique, and challenging. Are you in? See you there!


Sprints, climbs, drills, and more.
• D’s Cycle
• Spinsanity Sprints
• Spinsanity Climbs
• Cycling Mixed Tape

Strength Training

Goal setting, progressive workouts from week to week.
• Strength Training
• Rise & Shine Wall n Weights

Personal Training

1-on-1 personal training and semi-private personal training by appointment!

Interval Training

• Sunday Mass
• Lifting Heavy Shit
• Ladder of Death
• Friday’s Happy Hour

Cycle & Squat

Cycling and squats in a combo class!
• Squats & Watts

Butts & Core

Bikes, bands, weights, TRX and more.
• Butts of Core

SWOLL Teen Class

Education on proper lifting technique and 6 fun exciting workouts.

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