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When you are investing your time, energy, and hard-earned money into your fitness program, finding the right fitness club where you feel comfortable and can meet your fitness goals is super important. Don’t just go by price or your friends’ recommendations. Choose what’s right for your unique lifestyle and fitness goals. We’ve put together our top 5 essentials to consider when deciding if a fitness club is right for you.

  1. Location
    • Is the fitness club near your home or workplace? If you plan to get a workout in on your lunch break, for example, you don’t want to burn up that precious time driving.
    • Is it easy to get to with ample parking?
    • The more convenient the location, the more likely you are to go there!
  2. Staff
    • What are the instructors’ qualifications?
    • Are they welcoming, pleasant, and friendly? And most of all, are they motivational? If they’re not, it will be a struggle to keep up your regular fitness routine. They should be there to help you stay focused and motivated.
  3. Services and Amenities – these will vary depending on your preferences.
    • Are there secure locker rooms and clean showers?
    • Do you prefer a facility with amenities like saunas, whirlpools, etc.? If so, find out if they are included with your membership.
    • B-FIT offers unique services such as cryotherapy and compression treatments. If these aren’t things you’ve even considered, you may, once you learn about them and find that they are available to you. Find out about the costs associated with these extras when you are considering joining.
  4. Equipment and Workouts – this is a biggie! You know your preferences (ie – you absolutely LOVE spin classes) but check into other programs the facility offers. You may discover new fitness programs that you look forward to and are FUN.
    • Make sure the equipment is well maintained and CLEAN.
    • Is there enough equipment for members to use on busy days?
    • Are workout classes offered at times that work with your schedule? Check out our schedule HERE.
  5. Members – just like with the staff, you’ll be more motivated to work out if you feel like you fit in.
    • You will be spending multiple hours in the club, so you’ll want an environment that’s friendly, welcoming, and encouraging.

    If you’re looking for a boutique fitness club in the Boulder, Colorado area, check out Boulder Fitness (B-FIT for short!). Come in and tour, meet the team, and get started on your fitness journey today! For more information, CONTACT US.

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